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We are local urban beekeepers, who live in the Alabama Hill Neighborhood, in Bellingham, Washington State, USA.  As long time Whatcom County residents, we started beekeeping in 2014 and raising goats in 2015.  Our honey bees produce maple, wildflower, blackberry and knottweed honey from local flowers.  We also raise goats to produce goat milk for our luxurious goat milk soap. We are proud members of Mount Baker Beekeeper Association, Skagit Valley Beekeeper Association and Washington State Beekeeper Association. 



We are dedicated to excellence with our local natural products such as or raw honey and our very own goat milk soap! Our LOCAL raw honey is gently strained, we do not use harsh chemicals or antibiotics. Our bees are not used for commercial pollination. Our wonderful goat milk soaps are handmade in small batches, using either hot or cold process soap making techniques.  Our goat milk soap is Non-GMO, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Cruelty Free. We are sure you will find our honey is delicious tasting and our goat milk soaps leave your skin soft and moisturized!  



Need honey? 

Our honey is mother natures finest and like mother nature it is seasonal.  Typically we have honey available during late summer to early winter. 

Need a custom order for soap? 

We would be happy to talk to you!  Typical length of time from order to receiving your soap could take up to 2 1/5 months.   

Need a custom order of honey (during season) or soap gift?

We offer custom bulk orders and/or decorative gift size items.

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